The fall

the fall

The spring had enticed the tree-tops
to be green and to bloom to red.
Beneath them, my small paces were
beyond fall as I lose my love.
I fold my hands to hold-
all the broken pieces of my heart
so tight! I could barely breathe
but, I cannot let go..! Never!

The lies I told myself sprain
my hollow rib cage; creaks with pain.
On my road, beneath my feet
I see dead but red vibrant petals.
Fallen! But they never failed
to brighten the story of the spring..!

I free my hand and breath
the incense of red vibrant blooms
to let go and to wait for…
the best that is yet to happen!


reminiscenceThere is a longing inside me to be at somewhere I belong more than the lust I feel about the memories. I think I leave a part of my soul every time I leave a place where once I felt alive. And every once in a while, that lost fragment call me to that place to reunite with my soul… To feel full… To feel alive..!



Lately, I realized “love” is not sugar coated words. Not that person who blended with you 100 times in 1000 opportunities. Not having the same interests and dreams and calling someone “soulmate”.

“Love” is when someone, who is too different from you is coming out of their comfort-zone just to be with you when time is least favorable. And if that is a burden to you and not enough for you, I think you don’t deserve to be loved.

A huge shout-out to those who love someone unconditionally no matter how many times they got ignored, to all the dying hearts and to every word you hid under unexpressed emotions. 

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2016 STORY

It may be good to ponder the memories before stamping on the pile of new resolutions. Even some memories dropped a few tears, they were the great lessons and the best gift of 2016.

After getting back together with my best friend once I lost, it was a good decision to focus more on myself and spend a huge amount of time listening to the world outside. Blending into the new workplace was not tough and I felt exultant on meeting new people who easily turned into close friends. Weekend plans always included the people I can’t live without and different foods I craved.

The wanderlust pinned me around the city as I climbed again on my two wheeler and that best friend who never wanted to leave became the constant occupier of the back seat. Life was always on a rollercoaster but within those ups and downs, I learned that family is always there. Continue reading 2016 STORY

Favourite Color?

Blue! Leaking out of my pen and spreading along each line of my story I have written. They said it is my color. But I admired it more than just a color, as it is hiding behind my introversion, and beneath my brown skin. The sky I fell in love with, and the water that I wished to drown was blue. Blue was the only thing I missed in every twilight. It was the tears rolled down my cheek in every pouring rain and your tender breath hitting my neck. It was not just my favorite dress, but what you found in my black eyes. Blue was my dream and my nightmare. And it is a mystery and magic and everything I love before black..! 



A Journey To Freedom

When everything settles down one day,
I will set out to find “the land of freedom“.
My destination will be far-far away;
a land where nobody knows me.

I will be alone in my whole journey
with the tore out pages of my old life
One by one I will throw them into the wind
and acquire the ‘forever-peace-of-mind’.

I will buy a black scarf and cover my neck tattoo.
I will grow a big beard to feel matured.
I will ignore the scars the society gave me.
I will forget the story of “you-and-me-forever”.

Love won’t be a prison to me anymore.
No name. No religion. No face. No gender.
I will see the whole world as my family.
I will stretch a hand for anybody who needs it.

Nobody will judge me for being myself.
No question will be raised for what I do.
Then I will live a life as the person I want to be
without the need of being born again.

Even if this “land of freedom” is beyond our wildest dreams, let’s set out to create a world where everyone is free to express their emotions and ideas by breaking all the walls.

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend “Nazrin” for this amazing idea she always carried and expressed in the best way possible during my internship days and to remind the unforgetful memories I had within a few days.