Voyage To The Other Side


In a boat, we sail away from the shore
for our journey to be a part of the lore.
But lately, I drag myself into a hole
to slowly melt and merge into the night
where I will see the light on the other side
when I will be the memory you obliviate.
Let your lovelessness be our secret
Let this ink dry and die on our story.


Stained Views


In the last page of an old diary
I wrote the cliffhanger of my bold story
Blue in my pen then loudly spilled
all of that I hid till my seventeen
It melted my misery, a mere witchery,
anchored their souls in dear mystery
I am a breath away to blend the true colours
to fill the voids of my broken twenties.
I am no more a light-year away to seek
what I will soak in my thirties.

Faceless & Colourless

faceless & colourless.jpg

They belong to a few, who don’t collapse,
who don’t pick a side or cry when relapse.
They cuddle the stars beyond their girth
and place their feet gently over the earth.
Their heads belong to the clouds.
and their hearts… long for the rains!
But…. No one else could ever see
the lust they hid and the love they buried.
What else could be the reason
of the mystery and magic of their existence!

Roots & Sprouts




This place owns my flesh and bones, 
and the shattered piece of my tragic soul.
For that, I stand by the rains tonight
to drench, to dissolve and to dream.
Once again I will hold the world in my hands,
along with my faulty stars in a jar,
to feel what ‘Euphoria’ is. Once for all.

Written by, Sanjay M Bhaskar