I ripped my dreams off my flesh and bones
to leave them all beside your ghost.
Through my windows, I see them floating
over the mountains where we used to nest.
Let no more fantasies soar my eyes
when this reality cannot haze your lies!
That’s all it takes for my broken soul
to write the last line of our story


Roots & Sprouts




This place owns my flesh and bones, 
and the shattered piece of my tragic soul.
For that, I stand by the rains tonight
to drench, to dissolve and to dream.
Once again I will hold the world in my hands,
along with my faulty stars in a jar,
to feel what ‘Euphoria’ is. Once for all.



Don’t you miss what I am feeling
as you leave my life before healing!
I was on the verge of a dream;
about to slip to a dawn upstream.
Now it’s difficult to swim across,
without waves sweep to remorse.
When the choices die in a death-camp,
arouse to the only chance to decamp.
As the ink runs through my veins
leaves stains where my life remains,
I give up to sail across the night
to get ready to drown in nightmares.

In the World of Equality!

Fragrant, lovely pink roses…
That’s where his life reposes…
Delicate… craved no power,
he was just a humble flower.

‘Solitude’ is all he earned.
His words never concerned.
He became “less of a man”
for all who defined a “man”.

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Written by, Sanjay M Bhaskar