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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.



Hey Everyone,

Have you ever looked back in your past and felt like “what if I should not have done that!”? As a matter of fact I ask this question all the time and realize that I made myself a big fool to others. I am not just talking usual situations like you drink, drive and get arrested! I am talking about everything like you feel bad about a relationship or someone totally used you for a very long time etc. Anyway I am not here to share about the past and cry a river in this post. I am here to tell you how you move on from something that has been haunting you for months or years and about happiness it brings..!


The first big challenge is to conquer the depression. I feel that depression is like a parasite. It literally live on you and feed from you and slowly ruin you from the root. Continue reading MOVING ON…