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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.


True Friend!

Dear Best friend,

When I look up to the sky, I see no darkness. I see a thousand bright stars. Sometimes I wished to be one of them. Because I wanted to look from the sky to see this earth in every possible way; to find you. The one I believe. The one I think who can understand me, who wouldn’t let me down, who will not desert me when I am lost…
But… Here I am… alone in a room, wishing if I was beside you. I waited a long time… I felt you are never going to come to me… Then I thought you are around and I am not realising it. I tried to find you in many. I trusted so many. But I fell… knowing that you are never there. You were the mystery and miracle of my life. You were just another word for me. You were the one I often found in the middle of a sentence.
Now I am old… and I realise that you were always that metaphor I found in my mirror…


Feel Content with Yourself!

During my internship I had this habit of texting one of my best friends telling to meet me whenever I go to college for some academic purpose. That meetings made me really happy. Anyway this is my 5th and last year of college and my long list of close friends passed out college all together after their 4 year course. So the last trip to college was difficult. I went there and walked all over there realising they are all gone. I felt lonely. I did not feel it is the same college I studied for past 4 years. Things had changed. Anyway that realisation had made me think deep.

It is difficult to part people who are attached to our heart. It is even more difficult to continue our life alone in a place where we used to love, fight, enjoy with our close ones , realising they are not gonna come back. I could often see a vacant space beside me, behind me and within me. But this is the reality of life. Life does not stop for anybody unless we force it to. But we humans have an ability to adapt to situations.

“All failure is failure to adapt”
– Max Mckeown

What pulled me back for a while was my own inability to adapt to a change. But I remember the days of my internship when I moved into a different city without any friends. I remember the time I spent alone in a hostel room for months and tried to figure out the same thoughts. And I remember all the people I met and some became my close friends. I remember all the late night rides, new food trials, long stories and crazy weekends. I was not just surviving but, I was living the best life possible. And when I was alone, there was many books, music… and art which was always an escape for me…

We all have our own lives. You may or may not find people like you. They may or may not be with you forever. We may or may not be willing to be with some. And you can not simply depend on a person for all your happiness. There is life ahead so,  there is hope. We all gonna move on and on our path we will meet new people and let us not forget all who were there for us. There is gonna be new experiences and new life. But to enjoy it, I should feel content with myself. Because my own perspective values!ds-happy-09

 Note to Self

It’s Me…! But Friendship! 

It was my best friend who told me to write about friendship. I still feel awkward because my 20 years of life defines only a little about the topic.  I have to figure out a lot to talk sensible about it but I am trying to share what I got. And this is nothing but my life.

On a Saturday, 5th of November in the year 1994 I definitely had no friends because that was the day I was born. According to Astrology, Scorpio prefers only a few bonds but ones that are intensely close and loyal. But I am not that type of person who believes in astrology. When I was little, I was less-talkative, secretive and I found more comfort in lonely activities than playing in a group. So like Astrology says, I made only a few friends. But at that point of life, friendship was about ‘who talk to you in class’, ‘who gift you a chocolate’, ‘who invite you to play games’, ‘who let you use their pencil’, ‘who eats lunch with you’. And enemies are always those who tease you and laugh at you. Continue reading It’s Me…! But Friendship!