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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.


Out Of The Line

It is always fine to stand out of the line. This is the real story of my life like many of you. May be you can relate to yourself.

When I look back into my past, I can see a totally different person from what I am today. I always used to believe that I had some major mental problem. I was very shy to talk. I was afraid to walk with a crowd. I had crazy dreams and weird choices very different from people around me. I had a very limited friends because I used to believe that I am very different. I wanted to be a hero but, I chose to  hide in my insecurity…

I always knew that I was different and that deserted me in many situations. When all the other boys loved bikes and cars, I used to love books, art and craft. I used to stay silent than fighting back in a situation. I simply heard all the bullying with a broken heart but, I never complained. Continue reading Out Of The Line


Hey Everyone,

Have you ever looked back in your past and felt like “what if I should not have done that!”? As a matter of fact I ask this question all the time and realize that I made myself a big fool to others. I am not just talking usual situations like you drink, drive and get arrested! I am talking about everything like you feel bad about a relationship or someone totally used you for a very long time etc. Anyway I am not here to share about the past and cry a river in this post. I am here to tell you how you move on from something that has been haunting you for months or years and about happiness it brings..!


The first big challenge is to conquer the depression. I feel that depression is like a parasite. It literally live on you and feed from you and slowly ruin you from the root. Continue reading MOVING ON…

The Easiest Game!

There are many days which actually put a smile on our face no matter how shattered we are inside. And there are many nights, we are hunted by a hundred questions which we don’t find answers for. Life is a constant battle which we start inside our minds and never find peace. And all my life I have learned the fact that the battle was always for love. Love, which all I wanted to acquire. Love, which I felt I earned but afraid to lose. But did I find love? Continue reading The Easiest Game!

Remember Your Goals


At some points in our life, we go out of our minds. Sometimes we lose control on ourselves and we think the worst and believe that we have lost our life. At moments like this, what we need is true motivation. We might be aware of the reality but we forget to think brave. Whenever you undergo a bad situation, think about the true side of it, believe in yourself and realize what you have to do and what truly matters… Keep some push-pins to remember these words…  Always smile 🙂

push pin quote

Things change & People leave….!

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered why people around you change? And they walk out? You have a 1000 great days with them and all of a sudden they are new people with new set of goals and priorities. Why does it happen? Is it your problem? Or is it some fault in our stars? How can you handle it? Anyway even a small change in our dearest people affect our life.


There are certain relationships we think which would last forever. But sometimes it would be for some days, months or years and that person walkaway without any regrets. I think most of the people around are familiar with it. It would be a love affair, friendship or anything but the pain it cause is the same. Most of the people find it too difficult to cover this pain and move on.  They usually blame themselves that, they are not worthy of love and live in blue and become afraid to accept love from others. We must have our own explanations for this hibernation. But the actual reason for this is simple and most of the people find it difficult to accept. What is it? Continue reading Things change & People leave….!


Hi Everyone,

It is the last day of this year. I hope you are already keeping a secret New Year resolution in mind. Or maybe you are not planned anything yet. Anyway it’s true that, we all have a 100 things we wish to do& we may not even wish to tell this to our friends. One thing is sure that we all are heading to a change. And today I would like to tell you about something new you find in people on New Year days.

I mentioned about the secret New Year resolutions you hold in mind. You don’t want to share people what it is, and what most of the people do is, to show them. Think about your past New Year days. May be you belong here. We just want to surprise people or want to be a new person for the New Year. But most of us end up having a worst day than usual on this very happy day. Actually it is weird to see a change in the people we see daily. So if you really want to make a change, please don’t do it all of a sudden. Slow down, take time and do it correctly. If you try to behave very different from very next day, people are going to hate you or think you are a freak and most of them will start teasing. If you want to be less talkative next year, don’t stop talking to people who are close to you& and a little clue for them will be great. Continue reading NEW YEAR & PEOPLE