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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.


See through…!

I texted him “I wanna go beach”…. I was really feeling low. Actually I was confused about what is my problem. To my observation it was all about my new life which I can’t adapt to. It is difficult for me to accept this change. Office, Works and I am unable to stay in front of a computer screen from morning to evening but, which I am doing every day and some other recent events had actually broke my heart. My best friend said it is a sign of depression. But I was not depressed. I was neither disturbed nor angry but I felt like I am lost. I felt sad and distant. Continue reading See through…!

Are you ashamed?

Hi everyone,

After meeting an old friend last day I watched the new Avengers movie and when I reached home I was lazy to open my books. So as usual I opened my laptop and watched a TED video – the price of shame by Monica Lewinsky. I really moved by that talk. But I’m not here to talk about the points Monica Lewinsky pointed out. Monica expressed the shame by Cyber bullying etc. I think those subjects are over discussed and I don’t want to fetch my arms to serious issues of country. So I’m here to talk about the shame we feel by our dear ones and the transformation we need to undergo.introversion sanjay bhaskar

How do you feel when someone close to you teases you? Or how it is when someone reveal a secret of yours that they swore they will never disclose? How do you feel when you are with your close ones and they leave you alone? How it feels when your close one chooses other people over you? How do you feel when people don’t care your situation? What would you feel when people you miss most probably not even thinking about you? How do you feel when your best friend doesn’t want to hear your explanation for a mistake? You are ashamed. Of course you have to overcome this. How? Continue reading Are you ashamed?


Hey everyone,

Today was really a great day for me. I hope you enjoyed this day too. Today I was totally into my hobbies and activities so, I didn’t waste a single moment thinking about stupid things which turn my mood bad. I would like to talk about this today. It is really important to keep some of our feeling away to stay happy and peaceful. But most of the people fail to do so. Here is my tips to keep your feelings under control and smile your minds open.

Logical-thoughtWe are all blessed of a 100 reasons to be happy and of course there are some reasons to stay in blue. And we would love to feed on the sad part most of the time. It is really easy to say someone to think about only good things and all. It is practically difficult. So in order to think about the good side only, we need to make a strong deal with our mind first of all. Instead of worrying about the tension, confusion, question or incident, relax a moment and think “is it makes any good to my life if I think about these?” you might have different answers depend upon your situation. If you can make a solution by thinking you should think about that and make a solution yourself. If you understand that you won’t end up in a solution and thinking about that will make you sadder, stop your thoughts right there for your own good. Continue reading STOP THINKING THE SAME!!