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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.




Like an autumn hit in my twenties
Spring in my soul sheds all at once.
But to be the saviour of my world,
I will linger and hold on a bit more.

Push me; I’ll dip and crash on the shore,
as I am hollow, floating on the edge solo.
Or let me wait and conquer with light,
people, dreams and hopes of tomorrow.

What if these mountains will move,
as I climb up the stairway of time.
What if my twenties be the beginning
for me to be what I want to be.

hope for tomorrow


“Why don’t you write anything nowadays?”

   Every time I faced that question I spit out some excuse about my final semester architecture studies. Of course, my days were busy.  I have never been this busy in my ‘entire life’!… Okay! I’m 22 but I can say that right!? Anyway, those days changed me a lot. I spent more time outside of “my room”. I would like to call it a “break”.

   I have heard people say we need to take a ‘break’ once in a while. Especially when life gets mad and stumbles across every sentence thinking what’s next. I had those days when I used to analyse everything too much. And I had days I was flying like a bird thinking about nothing. I had to travel to a lot of places. Places which I never expected I would visit in my life. I read a number of books. I met a lot of people who made me smile. But most of the time, I was on my own. And for me, that was the most required break.

   I had often felt guilty about my introverted self for not using every opportunity perfectly. But these days helped me to accept who I am. I stood up for choices and started dreaming what is necessary. I learned that life is an adventure when we do something we thought we cannot. In my past, I was pulling myself into the stereotype society created.
Really? “Stereotypes”? Do you want to believe what society says? Continue reading BREAK

Are you ashamed?

Hi everyone,

After meeting an old friend last day I watched the new Avengers movie and when I reached home I was lazy to open my books. So as usual I opened my laptop and watched a TED video – the price of shame by Monica Lewinsky. I really moved by that talk. But I’m not here to talk about the points Monica Lewinsky pointed out. Monica expressed the shame by Cyber bullying etc. I think those subjects are over discussed and I don’t want to fetch my arms to serious issues of country. So I’m here to talk about the shame we feel by our dear ones and the transformation we need to undergo.introversion sanjay bhaskar

How do you feel when someone close to you teases you? Or how it is when someone reveal a secret of yours that they swore they will never disclose? How do you feel when you are with your close ones and they leave you alone? How it feels when your close one chooses other people over you? How do you feel when people don’t care your situation? What would you feel when people you miss most probably not even thinking about you? How do you feel when your best friend doesn’t want to hear your explanation for a mistake? You are ashamed. Of course you have to overcome this. How? Continue reading Are you ashamed?