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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.


Out Of The Line

It is always fine to stand out of the line. This is the real story of my life like many of you. May be you can relate to yourself.

When I look back into my past, I can see a totally different person from what I am today. I always used to believe that I had some major mental problem. I was very shy to talk. I was afraid to walk with a crowd. I had crazy dreams and weird choices very different from people around me. I had a very limited friends because I used to believe that I am very different. I wanted to be a hero but, I chose to  hide in my insecurity…

I always knew that I was different and that deserted me in many situations. When all the other boys loved bikes and cars, I used to love books, art and craft. I used to stay silent than fighting back in a situation. I simply heard all the bullying with a broken heart but, I never complained. Continue reading Out Of The Line

A Seed To Tree


Long time ago I split into fractions.
Somewhere deep down in my mind I buried a seed.
I hid it from the world. Nobody saw it.
No one ever searched for it.
Time moved on…
I always remembered about my seed.
But I didn’t see that it was growing…
It grew and grew and I couldn’t see it.
After years I looked down and I saw roots…
Roots… that tangled up all around my brain, my heart, lungs and liver…
And there came another time I am again splitting into fractions…
But my roots hold me tight.  
I didn’t cut, I didn’t split.
I wonder! I wonder about the time.
And I wonder about my seed… my dream..!
I am waiting for trunk, branches and leaves
To see my roots become a tree.

dream quote



Hello dear friends,

Today I was spending most of my time to hear some songs. Anyway I usually listen to a small number of my favorites. And today I was hearing “Amnesia” by “5 Seconds of Summer” again and again. I don’t know if you are familiar with this song; it is one of my favorite and its lyrics is really good. Especially these 2 lines from it are my favorite…

“I wish that I could wake up with amnesia

And forget about the stupid little things”


These lines make sense to me in many things. I hope it is the same to you too. We all have many memories or aspirations that we want to forget. We all love to erase something from our head forever. Of course it is difficult. It takes time to get over something worse. Something that should have never happened in our lives. Anyway I’m not in a goal to put you in blue. Instead of thinking the worse, we can discuss about to possibilities to get over these bad memories without waking up with amnesia.