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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.




Like an autumn hit in my twenties
Spring in my soul sheds all at once.
But to be the saviour of my world,
I will linger and hold on a bit more.

Push me; I’ll dip and crash on the shore,
as I am hollow, floating on the edge solo.
Or let me wait and conquer with light,
people, dreams and hopes of tomorrow.

What if these mountains will move,
as I climb up the stairway of time.
What if my twenties be the beginning
for me to be what I want to be.

hope for tomorrow

Roots & Sprouts




This place owns my flesh and bones, 
and the shattered piece of my tragic soul.
For that, I stand by the rains tonight
to drench, to dissolve and to dream.
Once again I will hold the world in my hands,
along with my faulty stars in a jar,
to feel what ‘Euphoria’ is. Once for all.

2016 STORY

It may be good to ponder the memories before stamping on the pile of new resolutions. Even some memories dropped a few tears, they were the great lessons and the best gift of 2016.

After getting back together with my best friend once I lost, it was a good decision to focus more on myself and spend a huge amount of time listening to the world outside. Blending into the new workplace was not tough and I felt exultant on meeting new people who easily turned into close friends. Weekend plans always included the people I can’t live without and different foods I craved.

The wanderlust pinned me around the city as I climbed again on my two wheeler and that best friend who never wanted to leave became the constant occupier of the back seat. Life was always on a rollercoaster but within those ups and downs, I learned that family is always there. Continue reading 2016 STORY

Thank You!

There was a time I hid my ideas deep within my diary. I knew that I wanted a platform to shout everything out this world. But I was afraid. I was feeling so small about myself and confused what if I am wrong about my perspective. And today I am more than happy and surprised to see my small blog gained 325+ followers. I want to thank  WordPress.com for this amazing platform they offered to me and thousands like me. I could explore something that I never knew within myself. I could meet hundreds of like-minded people. I found the world where I want to live. I thank you… to all who are reading this, who missed this, who liked my posts, who left a comment and who criticised. I thank you for all your support that helped me grow and I apologize for the posts that I missed from you. I wish all the success to you. And once again THANK YOU. Thank you for letting my voice being heard.