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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.




Don’t you miss what I am feeling
as you leave my life before healing!
I was on the verge of a dream;
about to slip to a dawn upstream.
Now it’s difficult to swim across,
without waves sweep to remorse.
When the choices die in a death-camp,
arouse to the only chance to decamp.
As the ink runs through my veins
leaves stains where my life remains,
I give up to sail across the night
to get ready to drown in nightmares.

New Lessons

There is a thing about a college. I hate it. I always considered it as a place where I find myself very sad and irritated. But the last few days gave me a lot of new experiences to save into my memory jar. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have an urban study as part of my 9th semester architecture syllabus. We, my batch chose to study the city Alappuzha in Kerala, which is a beautiful city extended between two canals which is often called “Venice of the East”. It was fun to stay with my classmates and late night works were tiring. I am not here to explain about the whole trip. But I wish to share how these few days helped me to explore a part of myself that I never knew.

I tried to capture the best moments in my phone. I was so excited to know about the roots of a city. There were many things new to my knowledge. And we had to conduct a lot of surveys. I am usually a person who would love to sit in my room and read a book even if I wish to travel the world.  But during the study I was forced to do works assigned and it included a big list of things I never thought of doing myself. But results actually shocked me and the best part was the satisfaction and happiness I felt after everything. I was a bit confused to walk into the streets and ask questions to random strangers I met. I had a feeling that what if they do not cooperate. But my experiences were really good that people were happy to talk about them and they were very friendly too. I felt that world is not a bad place to live.

Within a few days I learned many things which I find very difficult to explain. I am happy to see a new part of myself. A talkative and inquisitive person who is very happy to talk to people and find new information, who is ready to hear the stories of people and who enjoys what he does. I think I love this new person. I really don’t like to say I am changing but I love to say that I am growing up. One thing about life is that we are forced to change by certain responsibilities. And we are never going to grow up if we stay afraid to step forward. I still believe that I have to explore a lot about this world and I have to learn more than what I find in books. For the coming days I am happy to be a person who would love to live in a book and to walk out and try to explore something new.

Somewhere I belong…

I love good books. I often feel that some books talk to us, entice us and mesmerise into another world. There were many moments when I actually forgot my reality as I plunged into the lines written by the author. It could be a poem, a story… or just a word. And I love some moments in my life, which take me close to reality I am living or which let me connect to everything that is going around me… and inside me. I had such a moment to remember on Friday the 22nd July 2016.

I am not interested to tell you that, an urban area study is part and parcel of my Architecture studies or we chose “Venice of the East” aka the beautiful “Alappuzha” city but it actually resemble the City “Leiden” in Netherlands or anything. As a matter of fact along with my classmates I was also waiting to have a good time at beach. And yes. We played in water, captured many pictures and of course we were loud. But what I actually loved was, the time I sat on the shore alone and stared at the horizon which was abutted by an old rusty remains of a bridge, a few birds and some dark grey clouds that could rain anytime sooner. Actually I wished if it was raining. At that moment I was just another part of the sea and the shore.


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True Friend!

Dear Best friend,

When I look up to the sky, I see no darkness. I see a thousand bright stars. Sometimes I wished to be one of them. Because I wanted to look from the sky to see this earth in every possible way; to find you. The one I believe. The one I think who can understand me, who wouldn’t let me down, who will not desert me when I am lost…
But… Here I am… alone in a room, wishing if I was beside you. I waited a long time… I felt you are never going to come to me… Then I thought you are around and I am not realising it. I tried to find you in many. I trusted so many. But I fell… knowing that you are never there. You were the mystery and miracle of my life. You were just another word for me. You were the one I often found in the middle of a sentence.
Now I am old… and I realise that you were always that metaphor I found in my mirror…




Locked mouth and loud mind;
rolling tears and blurry vision.
Head down! Legs crossed!
New dimension within four walls.

Faded melody of pouring rain.
Melancholy of a caged bird.
Fire that burned the icy-breeze.
My hand that rose… Wiping tears!

Scribbling pen and scratching nails;
four grey walls become a Canvas.
Speaking words and screaming colours;
the locked mouth break into a wide smile!

These four walls, my dream canvas
opened a new world I can escape.
The more I scratch, the more I see
a mirror with my free reflection!