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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.


Something Silent!

Lately, some small things made me laugh. Like everybody else I was getting hurt. But today many people are around me. There is a small big number of friends and family who make me happy every day. Sometimes I fall into a conclusion that it is this loudness of life which make me move forward. And whenever I stopped talking, my mind became loud…

I was happy as my earphones played “..just call me angel… of the morning angel….” inside my helmet when I was stuck in front of a red traffic signal and honking of many desperate vehicles was piercing through my earphones. I was happy in the cloud of chattering and giggles of my colleagues at office. Daily complaints, questions and worries. The non-stop talk of radio jockey we listened to. The pigeon that rattled the roof. People, dogs, factories, wind… I realized my ears have a big responsibility in making me happy.

I was tired when I reached home. The usual talk with family. Some small phone calls. Sound of kids. Actually sound is something big among the small things. This loudness could make me happy.. made me laugh. But it didn’t make me relaxed. Sooner I plugged my earphones and played my favourites. Nothing made my mind calm. I stopped listening to music and went to the porch and stared at the dark. Continue reading Something Silent!