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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.



The day I lost in this world is the day I realized the world is vast. I was pretty lazy this day. My to-do list is staying untouched but still I explore happiness, curiosity and satisfaction. Some days remind you the value of time. May be some exam days, or some dead line moment of your work etc. And there are many days you have when you can sit back and relax, rewind your memories, analyse people around you, write something, read a book, sleep long, watch TV, cook, eat your favorite food, blog stupid things like I do, or everything together. But all we do is go with the flow and forget these long beautiful days like any other. I don’t want to ruin your lazy day by suggesting how to make it useful but, I am gonna explain how it will sound better in my head and let’s see how many of you are smart enough compare with yours.

Scene 1 | Time: 7 am

If it is a usual day I would be up by this time. But lazy day rule says sleep more. Please delete the scene 1

Scene 2 | Time: 9. 30 am

I am not sure but I hope I would brush if someone irritate by calling me to eat breakfast. 10 is the perfect time anyway. I love waking up at 10 (please don’t ask me the reason).

Scene 3 | Time: 11 am

Either on bed sleeping again or thinking what I should do this day. Like every holiday, I too think I need to make use of the time but I never. After a long thinking I end up watching YouTube or a movie (snacks on table), read some stupid magazine (again some snacks on table) or sleeping again. Continue reading The-Lazy-Day-Story!