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Drown to Death


Lift me up when you’re free
from underneath this pile of memories.
That’s where I refused to sink
but there, my life drowns to death.




Like an autumn hit in my twenties
Spring in my soul sheds all at once.
But to be the saviour of my world,
I will linger and hold on a bit more.

Push me; I’ll dip and crash on the shore,
as I am hollow, floating on the edge solo.
Or let me wait and conquer with light,
people, dreams and hopes of tomorrow.

What if these mountains will move,
as I climb up the stairway of time.
What if my twenties be the beginning
for me to be what I want to be.

hope for tomorrow

Different STYLES of TALKS you do

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas. Since its one day ahead of Christmas I’m seeing a lot of wishes and posts about Christmas, Santa, holiday, celebration blah, blah & blah. But I’m not going to tell you a Christmas story. I’m going to share with you, styles of TALKS we do with people.

We don’t really care about our talking style while we are in conversation (a few do, I don’t deny that). And it is true that we don’t always keep same style of talking. It varies with the type of people we are interacting with. Now you might be a little confused whether I’m talking about ‘topics’ of talking. But no. Our mouth is an incredible versatile actor. Continue reading Different STYLES of TALKS you do